Village Adoption Programme

Jeevan Samasya Mukta Grama Abhiyaan (JSMGA) is a large scale high impact social initiative envisioned and started by Guruji for the betterment of mankind. Under ‘Jeevan Samasya Mukta Gram Abhiyaan’, Guruji has started village adoption programme, where every household in the village shall be given Saral Energy in their homes.

The intent of JSMGA is to have “Manava Abhivrudhhi” and enhance consciousness amongst people and the community at large. Saral Energy helps upliftment of the life of villagers across different life stages education, career, relationships, business, wealth and health as well as improvement in their overall quality of life.

Government of India has a vision to double the income of farmers. As a strategy to achieve the vision, Government has allocated substantial financial outlay across different areas on the agriculture input and for market linkages. Despite of all the appropriate intent of Government there is an increasing trend of farmer suicides and financial distress in the rural economy at large.

But, according to Guruji one cannot realize the benefits of Grama Abhivrudhhi until and unless “Manava Abhivruddhi” is focused upon. Hence, in order for the rural communities to enjoy prosperity in all aspects of their lives, Guruji has initiated “Jeevan Samasya Mukta Grama Abhiyaan” and has adopted the first village in Godachi, Ramdurg Taluka, Belagavi District, in Karnataka.

Guruji has provided his knowledge of Saral Energy to over 650+ households. It is a unique village on this planet, where all the houses have adopted Guruji’s Saral Energy. This large scale initiative is focused on to enhance the consciousness and enable Manava Abhivruddhi, has helped to not only free families from the social problems e.g. alcoholism, but has enabled farmers to get better yield and realisation for their produce. The families and the community at large have witnessed positive growth in different spheres of life.

Guruji is in a mission mode, and is in a process to adopt more villages in India and empower the communities by focusing on Manava Abhivruddhi. Come join hands in this large scale transformational social initiative, Jeevan Samasya Mukta Grama Abhiyaan.