If you go through any challenges in life, the reason is not you nor anyone, but the energy in your home

Life journey is full of ups and downs and we all have our share of joy and miseries. The problems may relate to different aspects of life like finance, education, relationship, health etc. When we go through bad times, we often blame others or try to analyse the situation and come up with reasons for our problems.

My life also put me in a situation, when I was looking for reasons to my problems, while running a business in the construction industry. I was working as a civil contractor and due to breach of trust on the part of my associate, I lost a huge sum of money. I began to think why it happened to me, when I have never been unjust or unfair to anyone. While these thoughts were revolving in my mind, I was pointed with a divine thought that the root cause of my problems was due to imbalance of energy around me, my house and my work place. With this intuition and divine awakening I realized the impact of energy on individual’s body and workplace. This led to an awakening about the universal truth that all of us are connected to the cosmic energy in the universe, which acts as guiding force on each one of us for the different activities we do, whether it’s personal, professional or social.

I got enlightenment at this point of time and could get a sense of the cosmic energy that has a deep impact on our journey of life. With this intuition and divine awakening I realized the impact of energy on one’s body and home. I concluded the root causes of our problems lie within our homes and others cannot be blamed for it. The divine awakening was the reason for me to find solutions that can help anyone to overcome different challenges faced across life stages.

My life changed with this divine understanding of the energy play of the universe. I could now look at solutions to my life problems by balancing the energies in the body and the house. If we use this cosmic energy our problems could easily be understood and resolved by striking the right balance of energies around us.