Seeds of a healthy living lie in your home

The secret of a healthy life is actually present in our homes. If we look behind in the distant past, and examine the ways our ancestors used to build houses, we would realize they knew the art of healthy living. They recognized the fact that we spend most of our times at our homes or dwellings and hence there is a need to create a healthy home environment. The dwellings during the olden times were built considering the importance of being connected to the cosmic energy of the universe.

Our ancestors used to construct their houses either in square or rectangular geometry with an open centre courtyard. Aspects like toilets which are potentially a source of negative energy used to be constructed outside of the house. This enabled smooth flow of cosmic energy.

Alongwith the geometry and placement, they also followed simple principles to enhance flow of cosmic energy e.g. they used to ensure washing of their feet when coming from outside before the entrance door, ringing of bells in all the places of the house, etc.

The modern-day architecture ignores these ancient principles and wisdom. Nowadays toilets are attached with the bedroom. This creates imbalance of the energy in the house & body and impacts negatively on the health and overall well-being of the inhabitants.

In such a situation also, you can lead a healthy and happy life and enhance the flow of cosmic energy in the house and in the body with the help of unique Saral Energy.