Corporates and business growth is integral to a progressive and a vibrant economy for any country. In a VUCA world (Volatility Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), corporates face challenges like:

  1. Business growth not as per expectation
  2. Losing new business opportunities
  3. Legal Problems
  4. Brand Reputation
  5. Business Loss
  6. Unable to get loans
  7. Bankruptcy / NPAs (non – performing assets)
  8. Relationship problems amongst owners / Top Management or with employees

Corporates deploy different strategies to stay relevant and overcome these challenges. Most of the strategies focus on people, product, price, place, promotion and less or no focus is given on the energies surrounding different resources deployed. It is very important to have a motivated workforce and optimal resource utilization for enabling growth of the company across different areas.

You may be operating in developed or emerging economies, but the problems remain the same. The challenges facing any corporate or business not only impacts the promoters/owners but could also have an impact on all stakeholders i.e. employees, suppliers/vendors, shareholders, financial institutions and the economy as a whole. Having worked with corporates in the last 18 years, Guruji has showcased that the challenges faced by corporates are due to the imbalances in the energy across different resources and infrastructure deployed for e.g. factory, retail outlets, office complexes, warehouses etc.

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