How to make your life worth

Many of us predominantly focus on satisfying one’s personal needs and desires. However, not many realize the importance of looking beyond one’s personal interests and helping others. The kind of inner satisfaction and happiness one gets by helping others and bringing smile on their faces is unmatchable. By such selfless deeds we experience a oneness that exists across all forms of creations in the universe.

We all are connected to each other through the cosmic energy that is present everywhere in the universe. It’s just a matter of realizing this unity that exists in the universe and hence I firmly believe that the whole universe is one big family, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbam Ekam'.

Irrespective of the nation, race or community, we truly feel proud of soldiers for dedicating their lives selflessly for the nation. Their selfless deeds and brave acts make all of us proud. People who work for social causes and upliftment of people, unknowingly get blessings of them by making a difference in their lives.

As a young boy, I too was inspired by this thought of helping others looking at my father and grandfather. During my formative years, the thought of doing social welfare and serving the nation, urged me to join the armed forces but could not get through the selection process. I then decided to commit myself to working for betterment of people through social causes, initiatives and abhiyaans with my unique and scientific knowledge.

Through my life journey, I have seen that if we have the intent and desire to work for the larger interests of the society and accept the universal truth, we can create a happy and prosperous society.