The day we are born we need to connect to the cosmic energy of the universe so as to lead a happy and prosperous life

We have progressed as a civilization and the development in science and technology have led us on the exploration to understand the very existence of each one of us and our life purpose. Today science has gone ahead and established that each one of us is connected to the cosmic energy, which is equally available to all of us.

You will realize this by observing the life of people that some of us are able to take the benefits, while others get impacted by different life problems. Is this not ironical that when the energy is the same for everyone, only some are able to get its benefits? I have always been intrigued by the fact that why we all as individuals suffer from different problems whether it’s related to education, career, relationship, finance, property or health. With my research over last 18 years, coupled with the divine awakening I had, I realized that though the same energy is available to every individual, its benefit depends on the manner in which we are able to utilize this cosmic energy. My research led me to the conclusion that the direction and structure of our house and workplace, enables us to balance the energy and awaken the 7 chakras in us. Activating the 7 chakras help us to connect with the cosmic energy of the universe is a well-established fact in Eastern philosophy.

Any obstruction in the flow of cosmic energy in our life due to directions, structural defects or environmental factors disturb the healthy functioning of the seven chakras in our body. These chakras are responsible for our well-being and good health both for our body and soul. The part of the body and life spheres associated with these chakras get impacted, when energy imbalances take place in specific places in our house.

If any of these chakras are imbalanced due to hindrance in the flow ofcosmic energy, it would impact the relevant spheres of life namely Education, Career, Relationship, Finance and Health. We can lead a happy and prosperous life, if we stay connected to the cosmic energy of the universe.